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Palmetto Pak Speakers

I recently ordered one of these speakers to use at my home club. I suffered some trepidation due to the small size of the speaker pack. However, Tony Oxendine speaks very highly of the speaker and on his recommendation, I purchased one.

I am very pleasantly surprised by the performance of this speaker. I have used it in our hall with 10 squares and it does everything a 1/2 Yak Stack does performance wise. Yet, it is smaller, weighs less, and is easier to handle.

The physical size of the speakers is smaller than what we see in a Yak Stack. The frequency response of the speakers is mid range, requiring an increase in music treble and a decrease in vocal tone balance on the amp. The sound is penetrating even in a hall full of dancers. The speaker comes with a carry case that is well designed, but a bit snug. It is physically smaller than a 1/2 Yak, is lighter and easier to handle, and fits quite well in the car. The speaker is designed to use typical Yak Stack hangers as well as rubber feet to stand on a table.

Joe Arnold is the designer and builds each speaker on order. He does a nice job with this speaker. Quality is very good. Here is his contact info.

Joe Arnold
38 Redvales Road
Simpsonville, SC  29681
Kip Garvey

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