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CSCS Members as of June 12, 2018
I'm proud to announce we now have 13 callers subscribed to our Central Sierra Caller School. Most of you are at the same level of development, which is neat because you will all be going through the same successes and anxieties as you develop the skills necessary for you to become a 'marketable' caller. A marketable caller is one who is ready to charge a fee for services. It does not mean you need to be able to call all levels, or be able to hold your own at a festival event. If you can put together an evening of dancing fun, especially at the entry level (one night stand), you are 'marketable'.

We are able to expand our membership at any time. We need two things from you: (1) talk about the school to square dance friends and talk about your experiences, and (2) your input on ways to make this school better for all members.

Give it some thought. Meanwhile, thank you. Onward and upward!
Kip Garvey

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